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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog: Gorazd Makarovič

The article describes humiliating punishments and humiliation devices in Slovenia from the Late M

The article addresses the concept, functionality, types, and meanings of verbal salutations in di

Salutations are various conventional messages upon someone's arrival or departure, or when meetin

The Castle Vodriž - a monument to a knight's dwelling in the early Gothic period.

The reconstruction of Kebelj Tower is based on material remnants and written sources.

Based on development demographic samples from territories with similar social and historical circ

The article defines the concept "work" and the terms included in the title; it deals with the iss

The article Information provided by the names of Alpine Slav women uses Alpine Slavic personal na

Placing the development of the kozolec in the framework of actual historical circumstances shows

The slovene protestant Catechism, written by Primož Trubar and published in Tübingen in 1575, amo

The treatise addresses the following questions: what are may branches, maypoles and St George fes

The article brings a survey of the structures of peasant houses and their interrelationship with

Based on healing invocations recorded in the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, the artic