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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog: Slovene Ethnographic Museum

The article presents one of the exhibitions installed on the occasion of the opening of the new e

In 2010, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum started providing the users of its website with an onlin


The article addresses the basic idea of the multi-part concept of the SEM’s permanent exhibition.


The present article contains the Document on the project of the permanent exhibition of the Slove


The author gives an outline of the history of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum under the supervisi

The article brings a survey of the material on folk medicine, which was collected by the field te


The article presents the House Archive which is part of the documentation of the Slovene Ethnogra

The article presents the activities of the Education and Adult Education Service of the Slovene E


The article presents the author`s reflections on family photographs as a source in the research o


The Department of Social Culture was established in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in the 1970s.


The article describes the development and activities of the Department of economy, traffic and tr


The article presents the textile collection of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum: what formed the c


Dr. Boris Orel was the first post-war director of the Ethnographic Museum.


Rajko Ložar, the wartime director of the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana and an archaeologist by

On the occasion of Dr.


The article examines the Slovene Ethnographic Museum’s position in between two realities: the his

Our review of older sources on clothing culture in Slovenia shows that the authors dealt intensiv


An article in the frst volume of the scientifc periodical Etnolog mentions that the Ethnographic