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Obrezovanje deklic - obed iniciacije ali mučenje in pohabljanje?

The article present the issue of circumcising women or Female Genital Mutilation (F.M.G.) which originated in prehistory and is today still common in many male-dominated societies around the world.

Circumcision of girls - initiation ritual or torture and mutilation

The circumcision of girls or female genital mutilation is a horrendous practice which goes back to prehistory and has survived into the present. In view of its spread (it is estimated that 15% of the world population, including men and women, are circumcised) and the traumatic consequences of these practices, it is quite astonishing that the public opinion and media in Slovenia are so indifferent towards the issue. The article deals with circumcision as a world-wide phenomenon, which is an integral part of the traditions and custom of most cultures in which it is practised. Examples explain the connection between male-dominated societies and female genital mutilation. Circumcision is predominantly practised in African cultures, but western ones are not immune to the phenomenon. The circumcision of girls constitutes a violation of human and in particular children`s rights. The UN, UNICEF and WHO have adopted measures to eliminate such practices, but their effect is questionable in view of the deep roots of the practice and its role in the relations of social power.