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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 12 (2002)

To the anthropology of music the legacy of the Pohorje singer and poet Jurij Vodovnik continues t


Jurij Vodovnik (1791–1858) was a self-taught poet from Styria, whose songs have been preserved in


Quite a lot is known today about Vodovnik`s life and work.


The author presents Vodovnik`s humour from the viewpoint of Levstik`s definitions of popular lite


We are constantly surrounded by objects which define our work and activities, and these objects o


The article defines the concept "work" and the terms included in the title; it deals with the iss

In the collection "The way we lived - Life Stories of Carinthian Slovenes" (1993–1997) the narrat


The article presents two now extinct occupations which used to be carried out by Slovene fisherme

The article first summarises a range of domestic and foreign authors in order to illustrate the v


The central topic of this paper concerns the study of the material aspects of culture within Eu

The treatise`s introduction explains the reasons for and the beginnings of the research into (man


In order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the theme at hand, the article briefly prese

Jernej Šušteršič is a less known ethnologist of the post-war generation, who was active as an eth


Using photographs from the album of Terezija Barkovič, née Novoselič, the article presents the me


Flutes and reed pipes of different types are certainly among the most popular aerophones in Slove