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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 15 (2005)

The ethnology of the body is a field of research that is interested in the arts of modifying, def


Based on extensive literature, the article attempts to shed light on the relationship between dre

The article is based on an empirical research of kinship in Dogoše, a village in the close vicini


Prostitution is poorly researched in Slovenia in ethnology, anthropology or sociology.


The article investigates the awareness of aging and old age through an analysis of the old female


The article deals with a segment of the hospital experiences of patients at the Department of Ort


Based on her fieldwork in a NGO fighting HIV/AIDS in Botswana and consulted literature, the artic


The article presents the relations between two name codes in traditional Slavic culture: the name

The article focuses upon examining some basic categories which reveal aspects of the cultural and

Following a brief survey of the anthropology of the body, the article addresses reflections on th

The article discusses the preparations for saying farewell to the deceased in the ethnologically


Camino de Santiago is one of the world’s biggest pilgrimage routes whose history and signifi- can

The Bohinj villages of Stara Fužina, Studor, Srednja vas, češnjica and Jereka have preserved the

The article discusses the type of “village witch”, that is a woman who has the reputation of bein


The article presents an anthropological study of local representations of the changes in a cultur


The article presents the life and work of the priest Jurij Humar (1819–1890).


Beside caricatures, painted beehive panels are the richest treasure of satirical motifs in older

The article presents one of the exhibitions installed on the occasion of the opening of the new e