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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 20 (2010)

The article compares the results of the Survey on the position of immigrants, their descendants,

The article addresses the social exclusion of handicapped/disabled women.


The article addresses alternative forms of empowering people with an experience of homelessness b

The article addresses social exclusion as a historical process in Sri Lanka’s relations with the

The images of Africa as they are used in the Slovene media, campaigns of humanitarian organisatio


The paper addresses the methodological and conceptual difficulties encountered in the study of th


The article addresses the issues of the dance heritage’s folklorisation.


The article describes what happened to folk dance when folk dance groups transferred it from its


The article briefly presents the typology of bonnets to then deal in greater detail with a Carint


The article focuses on the history of the open software and open code movements and reflects on t


The article addresses the basic idea of the multi-part concept of the SEM’s permanent exhibition.


The article deals with the audiovisual communication in the three-part permanent exhibition of th