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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 21 (2011)

In the 18th century, the philosopher Jeremy Bentham designed a special building (panopticon), in


E-health is the field of medical information technology that refers to the use of electronic/ dig


In the postmodern era, the discourse on health and disease is part of wider contexts that go far


The article describes the Internet survey, conducted for public health purposes, on the sexual be


The article addresses the visual arts as stimulating source on the relationship between people an


The article addresses the phenomenon of subculture graffiti being institutionalised and commercia


The article is based on an ethnographic research of contemporary alternative religious and spirit


The article presents how Slovenia’s health system has been reformed and compares it with that of

The article describes humiliating punishments and humiliation devices in Slovenia from the Late M

The article presents new developments in the activities of museums related to social inclusion.


In 2010, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum started providing the users of its website with an onlin