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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 7 (1997)

Through a comparison with written historical sources the article attempts to establish the docume

The article presents the Triestian photographer Mario Magajna.


The article presents the simple dugout boat called chupa (Slovene: čupa) which was used by Sloven

The present text, slightly re-edited by the author, was written on the occasion of the production


The article brings an outline of midwifery in the area of Trieste and of the activities of šantla

Based on the publication of the Trieste statute the article presents the condition of the town's


The author analyses the social memories of the inhabitants of the Istrian village of Sv.


The article sheds light on the work of women outside the home based on a research of a village in

In the period from the late 19th century until the Second World War the hilly area of Koper's hin


The article verifies some issues of the international discourse between anthropological and ethno


The various types of barrel organs which became extinct in Europe and Slovenia in the early 20th

The article deals with the basic features of the history of midwifery and maternity care in the d


The article under the above title brings a survey of some traces of individual Scots who some tim


The article presents the Main Square of Celje as the central location of the town's market until


The article presents some documents drawn-up by notaries from Koper in the 18th century.


The nail-makers of Kropa used to catch birds to keep them in their homes.