Slovenski etnografski muzej

Saturday, 23. June 2018 - 10:00
7 hours
Entrance is traditionally free of charge.

Japanesse Day

The biggest event in Slovenia dedicated to Japan invites visitors of all ages to spend a fun and educational day in the company of the Land of the Rising Sun. The event will feature more than fifty stalls, stage performances, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations on a wide range of Japan related topics - traditional and contemporary culture, cuisine, martial arts, motor exhibit, music, and a selection of Japanese products. A special corner with creative workshops and animation will be prepared for children who will also be able to participate in the Mini-Olympics.

A special feature of this year's event is the participation of many Japanese artists and masters, among them Junko Makiyama, jazz violinist and author of the Slovenia suite, the Asitaski group who will present a portable mikoshi shrine and take it with the help of volunteers carrying it on their shoulders to the Prešeren Square and back, and masters of the Todoroki Soba Group and Iwaki Soba Juku who will demonstrate the production of buckwheat noodles and serve them to visitors.

Entrance is traditionally free of charge.