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Nives Zalokar Australia
Tuesday, 4. February 2020 - 18:00
Free entrance

Nives Zalokar: Australia - My Personal Experience

The lecturer will introduce contemporary Australia as it has experienced over the last ten years when she lived there. She met Australian Indigenous people and their culture in rural "rural" Australia or "outback", as they like to call it.

At Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, where she studied, she made close contact with the Wiradjuri people while learning traditional weaving. According to the lecturer: “For two and a half years I studied the language and heritage of the Wiradjuri people. Throughout this time and through my work and experience, I have come to know these wonderful people and gain their trust and respect. I learned that the central word in their vocabulary and culture is yindyamarra, which means respect. ”

The introductory speech will be given by Mag. Ralf Čeplak Mencin, curator for museum collections from Asia, Oceania and Australia at SEM.